SpaceX which is a business name for an American aerospace producer that is privately owned and provides space transportation services with its headquarters in California. Elon Musk is its founder and since its inception in 2002, SpaceX aims at reducing costs of transportation to ensure that Mars is colonised. SpaceX has created and invented so many transportation vehicles and the Dragon spacecraft. It had recently revealed its plans to send humans to Mars in spacecraft. The major goal for this journey is to create and maintain a large colony that will act as a city on Mars. Some may ask why Mars was picked in particular.

Mars was picked by SpaceX because

Mars was picked by SpaceX because it is Earth’s nearest neighbor planet with human living like conditions. Its distance from the sun is about half as far Earth is from the sun. Mars has a good amount of sunlight though it is a little cold but more heat could be generated to make the atmosphere more habitable. It also possesses some elements such as Nitrogen, argon, etc that can support the growth of plants but for this to be achieved, its atmosphere has to be compressed. Due to the lesser gravitational force on Mars, humans could lift heavier objects and move around easily.

SpaceX mission to Mars, a dream come true?

Starship popularly called and owned by SpaceX is a globally accepted most powerful vehicle with the capability to carry a large load to the Earth’s orbit and it is the key element to be used in the transportation to Mars. It should be noted that starship is a fully reusable space transport vehicle was development since the year 2018. The first problem that SpaceX will need to solve is the quantity of fuel that it requires to get to Mars due to its far distance from Earth. SpaceX proposes to tackle this issue by using fuel depots that have been put in place in Earth’s orbit.

With this, SpaceX starship would be able to refuel after its launch from the ground before it sets out on its long journey to Mars. On arrival on Mars, starship which has been fully stocked with locally made propellants would travel back to Earth. This would be the first starship that would arrive at Mars and if the journey goes well, SpaceX will send other starships to Mars but this time, carrying human passengers. The priority of the first humans on Mars will be to locate local sources and outlets of food and liquid water. With the presence of this liquid water, the human colonizers will be able to produce the required elements to create locally produced fuel for the starships.

The mission proposes the landing area will be focused on near sources and areas that have large amounts of ice and this is a required element. Next, the humans will then increase their colony area by adding numerous structures such as landing pads, power producing structures and man made habitats. The aim will be to develop a city like colony that can provide shelter to a whole population of human colonizers. SpaceX has a larger long term goals of humans colonizing Mars and if successful, would lead to a growth of human population on Mars over many years.