The ability of a genius to create something that people would’ve not thought of being created is extraordinary. If someone could build an extraordinary invention with all resources provided, then why not? It is possible, but there are rules that would prevent them from happening since it is a huge invention that could be dangerous in the hands of evil people. Even the most powerful government will not allow that to happen because it is a threat not only for them, also for the entire mankind. A person who can build a rocket solely without the help of a greater institution that facilitates the power of influence is alarming since the fact that independence is granted without permission of the majority. It means that a single human can be unstoppable when left alone because the knowledge of creating a rocket is not something you can learn easily in a lifetime. If a person could create them, then what else can he do? That could be unthinkable or unimaginable by normal people. There is fear when things are not known, as no scientific knowledge or wisdom would explain how a person could do them alone.

Those who are in authority will

Those who are in authority will create measures to control possibilities like this since that is their job to protect the weaker ones and maintain power to be the only strong. There is no second doubt of their interest, as that is just the main nature of dominance. In the order of things that must be followed to maintain peace, there is control, and if a single person cannot be controlled, it is a threat that will destroy that structure of power. No government likes that, for this reason, CCTV cameras, trackers, and other monitoring devices are created to see imminent danger or threat to the authority. When humans start to defy the order of things, they are immediately eradicated before a revolution is formed. Great knowledge is threatening to those who do not have it, as people can only assume or imagine with no answers of how it becomes possible. The great fear that has become too immense, invades the privacy of ordinary people to the point of advancing its limitations.

Even the most powerful institutions have

Even the most powerful institutions have fear of being left behind, for them, it is a must to prevent special individuals like this to be out there working alone. The possibility of recruitment is better than assassination, for it would be a waste of an intelligent mind not to contribute anything for the nation’s welfare. Not sharing great knowledge is a crime for a particular politician as you will become the enemy of the state as they will announce to the public how dangerous you can be. It is not only illegal but a blowing trumpet to the entire world. Other nations will not allow it either to happen, there will be schemes of how to counter that creation of rocket. Although that is possible, it’ll become impossible now because of the latest technology, the intelligence will detect any suspicious activity in any country. Anything that can be a weapon of destruction will be obliterated on the map.

Building a Personal Rocket is Dangerous

The best way for someone to legally build a personal rocket is to be like the richest man. For him to create one, the display of true capability is essential with the agreement of the government as long as there are some precaution measures, regulatory actions that will limit his power. There must be a contract that indicates a relationship that would benefit both the inventor and the government. The absence of this agreement will force higher authorities to investigate the place where a man is building his rocket to blast out there. Not just for the interest of power, also action towards a threatening endeavor that will create potential catastrophe all over a nation if a rocket is a failure. If the rocket lands somewhere else? Whose fault would that be? Of course, it is the government.

What is the purpose anyway of building a personal rocket? If it is just for pleasure, then a person should volunteer in space missions that will gratify his endeavors. Every resource needed to invent a rocket is from the same land where fellow countrymen are residing, so it is fair to share knowledge and to do it together with them.