Corporate Challenge

Showcase your company by participating in an event that embraces the history of exploration dating back to the Conquistadors to the promise of space exploration from the futuristic Spaceport America in New Mexico.
• Gather your co-workers for a great cause and team building
• Special Award for and categories for Corporate Teams!

Las Cruces, New Mexico to Spaceport America, New Mexico
The Spaceport America Relay Race: El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro Trail will consist of teams of 12 runners that complete approximately 200 point-to-point miles over 2 days. The miles are divided into 36 segments (“legs”) of varying distances, and each runner on the team completes 3 legs during the race. Each runner will start and finish their leg at “relay stations”, where they will hand off to the next runner. The course will follow the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro Trail, offering unparalleled vistas and unique challenges for the teams! Road, trails and urban trails are utilized along the course as it traverses beautiful desert vistas, farming communities and urban cityscapes.  This event is an “open road” course.

The Spaceport America Relay Race will be an adventure of a lifetime!
Showcasing both the history of EL CAMINO REAL DE TIERRA ADENTRO TRAIL and the excitement of the future of commercial space travel and exploration at SPACEPORT AMERICA, runners will experience a completely unique race. This event embraces the excitement of blasting off to the next frontier and remembering our earthly heritage.

Corporate Offer:
$1,500.00 per Team (up to 12 on your team) A $3,000.00 Value!
Run, Walk, Run, Jog, Team Work…. Legs range between 2 miles to 13 miles, night running, pasta dinner, culminating on the Spaceway where you will enjoy a festive Runner’s Village with entertainment.