Is there a time limit on the event?

There is a time limit of 40 hours for the Spaceport America Relay Race.


Can people of all fitness levels really participate in the race?

Yes!  The race directors intentionally designed the race course so that there is something for everyone, from the first-time runner to the endurance athlete.


I don’t have all of the runners lined up for my team yet.  What should I do?

You can register your team, and take more time to recruit the rest of your team or locate more runners using our Teammate Finder.  You can also lock in your team’s slot by registering the team with the “Captain’s Reserve” option on the registration page.


I want to run with my co-workers and form a company team.  Is there a registration option for my company?

The Spaceport America Relay Race is a unique team-building experience…and a great way for co-workers to get together and have some fun!  Check out our Corporate Challenge option; not only will you and your co-workers have a chance to experience the Spaceport America Relay Race, but your company will also receive some exciting marketing opportunities.


Are we required to run in a specific order?

Runners are required to run in the assigned order, unless permission to allow runners to switch leg assignments is given by the Race Director.  For example, Runner #1 is assigned legs 1, 13, and 25.  Please contact the Race Director at chris.lopez@spaceportamerica.com if any of your runners need to switch leg assignments.  Teams that are given permission to switch leg assignments are not eligible for any placement prizes or awards.


Will I be required to wear any safety gear during the “night leg” of the race?

For the safety of the runners and the citizens of the communities that we will run though, all runners ARE REQUIRED to wear safety gear during designated evening hours. (which will be posted in the race guide and at the safety briefing).  This includes a bright headlamp, blinking LED light, and reflective safety vest.  If a runner or teammate is not wearing the required safety equipment during the designated evening hours, the team will automatically be disqualified.  Anyone participating in the race, even if they’re not the active runner or just vehicle support, needs to have a reflective vest on during night hours. This includes any time they’re out of the vehicle, even if it’s to use the bathroom, get something out of the vehicle, etc.  Reflective vest must be visible at all times and can’t be covered up with a jacket, sweatshirt, blanket.


Is there a race guide for the Spaceport America Relay Race?

Yes.  The final race guide will be emailed to the team captain 3 days prior to the race event.  There will be printed copies distributed to each team vehicle.


Is there a charitable organization that will benefit from the Spaceport America Relay Race?

Spaceport America as an agency of the State of New Mexico is subject to anti-donation law.  Therefore, the Spaceport America Relay Race cannot contribute to a charity as is often the case.


Does our team need to rent large vans?

No.  We use the 3-Vehicle System (patent pending), which means that your team will be divided into groups of 4 runners per vehicle.  This allows you to either use your personal vehicle or rent smaller vehicles for the race.