Safety is our primary focus throughout the race event.

  • Staff/volunteers at major street crossings, exchanges and parking lots
  • Staffed medical aid tents at major exchanges
  • Spaceport America emergency response team will create a communications chain with state, city, and county law enforcement officials and first responders.
  • Prior notification of race event to all first responder departments along course
  • Staff and volunteer managers will carry a medical first aid kit
  • Mandatory use of reflective vest, headlamp and blinking LED light by staff, volunteers and participants during evening/early morning hours
  • Signage/volunteers at exchanges to safely guide participants
  • Visible/reflective course markers along route
  • Text number given to all participants as a funnel for emergency calls (call 911 first for emergencies)
  • All teams will be required to have a designated safety manager in each vehicle


We require that all teams follow traffic laws. It is required that runners run against traffic. Running against traffic ensures better visibility for automobiles, cyclists, and runners. Whether they are training for Spaceport America Relay Race or any other race, runners should wear a reflective vest, headlamp, and blinking LED taillight if they are running at night. Listening to music with headphones while running can be dangerous. Runners need to be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. We encourage runners who do run to music to listen without any headphones or just use one earpiece. It’s a good idea to carry a cell phone while running and runners should always carry their ID while running. This helps authorities respond quickly if there is an accident. An ID tag which states medical conditions/history is also extremely useful.