The Course

A Unique Running Experience

Spaceport America Relay Race

Spaceport America Relay Race takes place in April when the continental climate offers ideal temperatures for both day and evening running. Teams of 12 (or 6) will conquer around 200 miles by foot starting in Sunland Park, NM. Traveling along the historic El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro trail, teams will make their way north to Las Cruces. In the evening, teams will run under a blanket of stars through various cities, such as Mesilla, Hatch, Williamsburg, Truth or Consequences, and Elephant Butte. As the sun rises in the beautiful desert surrounding Spaceport America, teams will continue to conquer the course on day 2 of their adventure.

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Every runner on the team will complete 3 segments (or “legs”) along the course. The team captain will assign each runner a number (i.e. Runner #1), and that runner will be responsible for completing their corresponding legs in the race rotation (in this case, Legs 1, 13, and 25). Please see the leg chart below. Note: This chart is subject to change.

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The World’s Only Spaceway Finish Line

The finish line is completely unique to any running event: the final runner will run along the actual Spaceway at Spaceport America in New Mexico. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world!

The Spaceway Finish Line

The Spaceway Finish Line

Night Running

This will become one of your favorite experiences of the race!

Often what is first thought of as the most terrifying aspect of the race becomes the FAVORITE part of the race…the Night Leg!  At some point, you may be running in the dark during the Spaceport America Relay Race.

Of utmost importance is runner safety.  All runners and teammates are required to bring a headlamp, a blinking LED light and a reflective vest.  THIS IS MANDATORY.  There will be set hours where the runner on the course must wear all three items, and any teammate outside of their vehicle must be wearing a reflective vest.  It is essential that your headlamp has fresh batteries.  As an extra measure of safety, it is wise to bring spare batteries.

The course terrain varies throughout the race.  Typically, some of the road miles and trails will be away from artificial lights and may be very dark.  You will be lighting your own way so please bring dependable and bright illumination for your night leg.  The route will be signed by arrows that have reflective properties, and they will be visible with your headlamp.